• The results are in! | London Boroughs Voter Registration Campaign Success

    22 design was commissioned by Lambeth Communications to create an eye-catching campaign aimed at unregistered voters.

    The campaign was delivered on social platforms Facebook, Instagram and the Google Ad display network through the creation of HTML5 display banners, encouraging registrations to be made before the April 17 deadline.


    We were delighted when we had received very positive feedback from Paul Morris, Head of Creative & Business Development at Lambeth Communications:

    “I’ve had excellent results from this campaign. The range of creative artwork has really captured people’s attention, and that has generated a fantastic outcome for the participating boroughs”

    We would like to say a big thank you to Lambeth Communications on behalf of 11 of the London Boroughs for working with us, to achieve these results.

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  • Have you spotted our latest London Calling campaign in London Underground stations?

    We had embraced the challenge to grab the attention of London commuters in only 5 seconds. The London Calling campaign aims to encourage commuters to register for the 2017 June election.

    As a result, we came up with this animation:


    We needed to create maximum stand out and impact due to the minimal amount of time allocated in the media. The London Calling campaign was aimed specifically at Londoners – hence the use of the Clash song title as a call to action and the bold font usage.

    The initial designs used the colours from the main 3 political parties –  but it was felt that this may not be inclusive enough.

    To add on, we used black with an urban neutral warm grey and a bright yellow highlight colour for stand-out. We also made the most of the vote ‘X’ device both as a curser for the typography animation plus the focal point for the voting hands.

    As a result, the campaign was very positive, with over 20,000 people registering to vote.

    Many thanks to,

    Lambeth Communications on behalf of all 22 of the London Boroughs

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    Mobile World Congress 2017 | Brand Animation:

    We were asked to create an interactive animation for the Mobile World Congress. The brand animation shows a key facts short video and an interactive menu to find out more. Click the image below to see the animation:

    Mobile World Congress 2017 | Brand Animation

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  • New client alert
    December 2nd, 2016

    #22portfolio – New client alert

    We have been loving working with new client @LoveWilko, the home of family value and great savings.

    new client alert

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  •  22portfolio | Marks and Spencer Gift Guide

    Christmas gifts from Marks & Spencer in Australia are a little different. Out go the woolly gloves and scarfs and in comes the chic, party-ready pieces in lace and silk. This 12-page booklet was aimed at new customers and portrays Marks & Spencer’s high quality and standards. The aim of this project was to drive sales to the M&S site as well as awareness of the brand.

    22 portfolio | Marks and Spencer Gift Guide

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  • We are proud to work with CLIC Sargent | Animation Project

    Cancer costs can be scary.

    Watch the animation | Click below:

    We are proud to work with CLIC | Animation project

    A bit about 22 Design:

    We are an award-winning creative agency with good design at the heart of everything we do. We are at the forefront of the latest developments in digital media, backed up by our decades of branding and marketing expertise.

    To add on, we are forward thinking, down to earth and passionate about every project we undertake, for clients both large and small.

    Getting the brief right from the outset is essential. It saves time, energy and expense in the long term.

    Furthermore, 22 design offer clients a free briefing service to ensure we are all on the same page. Especially effective over coffee and a sticky bun.

    At 22 design we encourage great minds to think differently. We approach every creative challenge from a number of different angles.

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  • Brand identity fit for a King and Queen

    Our good friend and longstanding client Peter Donne, founder of Rough Trade Shops, has made a brave move and has swapped his beloved vinyl for a local pub in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Whilst the King and Queen pub dates back to the 18th century, Peter was keen that the new identity had a contemporary feel whilst retaining some traditional pub values.

    In an age when pubs look to attract more families and female groups, the identity had to be playful, approachable and have universal appeal. Our solution to this, was to create a bold bespoke identity, with a hand drawn logo, created in a contrasting colour palette and ambigram lettering. Furthermore, the logo, based on the King of Spades and Queen of Hearts, is designed to work either way up, giving the Queen equal billing to the King.

    To add on, the King and Queen brand identity is designed to avoid any gender stereotypes, so that the Queen holds a pint and the King a glass of wine. This reversible theme continues throughout the pub’s collateral and interior branding.

    We wish Peter every success with his new venture – the King and Queen pub and look forward to seeing our work in situ over a pint and Scotch egg… or glass of Claret and olive.

    Brand identity fit for a King and Queen

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  •  In the #22portfolio this month:

    22 Design had the pleasure of working with a loyal client, the European Society of Anaesthesiology.

    We have been working with the ESA for some years, and were delighted to help them with their annual congress in Berlin. It was a very special event for them this year, they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

    Back in 2005, the European Society of Anaesthesiology was formed by amalgamation of three former organisations. As a result, the ESA is recognised in Europe and worldwide. The ESA is known as the leading anaesthesiology society and is at the forefront of advancing patient safety, outcome and care.

    Furthermore, like all good branding projects, we had to create a concept that could work across multiple channels. These channels included an interactive digital time-line, 200+ page event programme and ceremony presentation. In addition, we created the event signage and maps.

    To conclude, the Congress was a real success. We look forward to seeing the ESA going from strength to strength over the next 10 years.

    #22portfolio ESA


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  • Lambeth’s new green recycling wheelie bins will replace sacks in 2017. This bold, bright, colourful campaign focused on how Lambeth is making recycling even simpler.

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