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    In recent times, we have seen a vast increase in people using their mobiles more often, in comparison to using a laptop or computer. We have had the pleasure of attending the Mobile Marketing Breakfast Briefing hosted by The Drum.

    As a result, we discussed the latest trends, evolution and the potential future of mobile marketing with a panel consisting of the following speakers: Zee Ahmad, Director of Programmatic at Axonix, Rafe Blanford, Mobile Strategist at Digitas LBi and Edward Knights, New Business Manager, MC & Saatchi Mobile.

    Mobile Marketing Breakfast


    The expertise we had discussed:


    “Follow your customer/client journey…”


    Knowing your customer/client journey will aid your marketing strategies. It will help you be “seen” and build a map of engagement.

    To add on, timing your mobile campaigns according to when your audience is most active on their mobile devices, will provide a better chance of your campaign being viewed.

    Location is also a main factor that comes into your customer journey in reference to mobile.

    Find out where your audience is, this could be through geo-targeting or across your online platforms for example, where your audience is clicking on your site and plan your campaigns accordingly.


    “Personalisation is a key trend in the marketing industry right now…”


    Don’t give up on your audience after a conversion, this is your opportunity to build loyalty and future purchases. By using your existing data, it can open the doors to a one to one experience for your audience, focus on what their demands are and provide campaigns that link specifically to their needs and wants.

    Retention and advertising should go hand in hand.

    In addition, try not to be “creepy” in your ad personalisation as this may cause ad blocking – everything in moderation.

    Compare content to your audience data and ask yourself this simple question, “will they be interested in this campaign enough to click on it and produce a conversion?”

    The best way to get people to click on your ad is through retargeting, at the same time, be sure not to bore your audience with the same content. The Drum Mobile Marketing panel’s advice to prevent your audience from getting bored is the usage of ad frequency caps.


    “Don’t hold on hoping for a miracle”


    Any form of advertising goes through a trial and error phase. However, if something is not getting the results you want it’s okay, learn from it and develop/change your ad so that it does get the results you want. Always go back to your data, focus on what works, its popularity and rule out campaigns that are not.


    Trends happening now:


    The use of video is increasingly popular in today’s mobile world.  It works to tell a visual narrative of your campaign’s message to an audience in an impactful way and engages all of the senses.

    However, many marketers tend to slip into forced advertising and interruptive routes when it comes to video ads.

    In order to rule out forced ads, provide your audience with the choice to view your videos with an “X” button or make it skippable.

    In addition, target your video adverts during your audience’s downtime. How many of us have fallen into the trap of watching those cute cat videos in our chill out time?

    Imagine if your ad was seen during that time in replacement of the “cute cat” video.

    It is also less interruptive targeting video ads in downtime, a win-win situation.

    You may have heard the phrase sharing is caring…

    A word of advice, to get your ads recognised and seen is to provide a sharing option on your content.  This can potentially increase levels of engagement, popularity and boost conversion rates.


    “Be quick” and “Keep campaigns simple, easy and actionable” is the motto to follow when it comes to advertising.


    Ensure that you display your content message as clearly as possible. Just Eat was pointed out as a great example for this by the Drum panel as it uses what people are used to using but just moved onto mobile.

    Voice Search is one of the latest and growing forms of technology. Tools and equipment such as Ok Google alongside Siri by Apple, Alexa by Amazon, Cortana by Windows and many mobile devices now provide the option to speak to provide text on the keyboard.

    Therefore, adapting this trend into your campaigns is the way forward and was highlighted by The Drum panel as one of the best ways to advertise your brand.


    Future Trends:


    Mobile recognition is an evolving trend in recent times, with Snap Chat and the Pokémon Go app being the first to adopt this feature. It is one to look out for in the future of advertising via mobile with a concept of “point your phone at something and it will recognise it” approach.

    To add on, Apple Search maybe set out to override Google in upcoming years, keep updated with this trend and look into setting up your Apple ads when it is at its peak.

    “IOS or Android? Mobile or Desktop?” – The answer is All of it.

    Collaboration is key, make sure everything talks to each other to ensure efficiency and that campaigns are user-friendly across all devices. Cookie space is slowly transitioning to device space so cross-device marketing is an area to keep an eye on.

    Time to get real.

    Live content and the concept of real time is also one to look out for in the future. Although many platforms are using this already, with the likes of Facebook Live, Instagram live and much more. The Drum panel highlighted this as an area of growth in mobile marketing.

    That brings us to the end of our Mobile Marketing Breakfast knowledge share.


    Key points:


    • Know your customer journey
    • Don’t stop at point of conversion
    • One to one is the way forward
    • Collaboration is key
    • Adapt to the trends
    • Look out for the future

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