• Brightening up your day with more from 22songs, a playlist filled with the 22 team’s Guilty Pleasures.

    A playlist filled with the 22 team’s Guilty Pleasures Playlist…Click to listen to 22songs now


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  • 22songs Welcome to volume two of our number themed playlist.

    We present the latest 22songs from the 22 studio. Tracks 12 all the way through to 22 featuring artists such as Lily Allen and the Rolling Stones.

    We must admit, finding track thirteen was a bit of a challenge.

    Listen at work, at home and even on the go courtesy of 22 Design

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  • Welcome to volume 1 of our 22songs number themed playlist.

    There has been quite a bit of head scratching and some disagreement, in our studio to compile this 22songs playlist. Every song contains a number, from 1 to 22.

    Every song contains a number, from 1 to 22.

    Furthermore, every song contains a number, from 1 to 22. We can only

    To add on, we can only apologise for track 7.

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